Green Man Designs is a third generation firm of architects and builders in the Dominican Republic. The legacy began in the 1940s with Jose Manuel Reyes Valdez ( Nani ) who graduated from University of Texas at Austin and came back to the island to form Reyes Construcciones. Among some of his most recognized buildings were the original Ferreteria Americana, the Pepsi Cola building and various others…………
His residential designs have become an iconic part of Dominican architectural history and have been documented in several books. Nanis designs are considered timeless and revelent still today.

In 1980 Jose Manuel Reyes Malla, Nanis son, returned from Washington DC where he acquired his BA in architecture from Catholic University of America, Washington DC and then went on to become a civil engineer at Universidad O & M.

Since then he has been committed to transforming Dominican architecture with his company GREEN MAN DESIGNS.

The list of clients includes a wide scope from residential to industrial and commercial to tourism. We believe in creating memorable and functional spaces while exploring new technology.

Joining Green Man Designs in 2012 Jose Ml Reyes Grimpel with a BA in architecture from Unibe and Masters in architecture from IAAC, Barcelona to form the 3rd generation in over 65 years of legacy.

The Interior design division is headed by Tamika Grimpel a graduate from Altos de Chavon, affiliated to Parsons.